The CB1800 transport and dosage bucket for flow and self-consolidating concrete can be used for both forklift and crane transport. The special dosing unit prevents segregation as far as possible when placing the concrete in the intended formwork and helps to maintain its homogeneity.

The dosing unit on the CB1800 can be converted without the need for tools or rebuilding from mechanical one-hand operation to hydraulic operation.

Due to the use of wear-reduced materials, especially in the area of the dosing unit, the CB1800 transport and dosage bucket is virtually maintenance-free.

Technical Data

Capacity: 1800 l
Transport bucket weight: 910 kg
Total weight incl. drip tray: 1220 kg
Forklift receptacle: Mechanical one-hand operation and hydraulic operation of the dosing unit *

– Crane mount
– Agitator *

* Additional hydraulic control circuit required on the stacker

Product Video