Stacking Robot – STR 400

The STR400 stacking robot can be used for palletizing and depalletizing industrially produced concrete block products. The system can be implemented in a space-saving manner, in almost any existing production architecture, and can be adapted to a wide range of products as well as to the most diverse layer patterns.

The robot is equipped with a 4-jaw gripper as standard, and can be controlled both autonomously and via a master controller.

The quick-change system allows the 4-jaw gripper to be quickly converted to a 2-jaw system, as well as the optionally available reversible jaw.

Technical Data

Max. load capacity: 450 kg
Max. product height: 300 mm
Max. stacking height: 1,500 mm (incl. Pallet)
Robot working radius: 3 m
Four jaw pliers: Opening I 560 – 1,100 m; Opening II 900 – 1,450 mm

– Reversible jaw

Product Video